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Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is the full form of the PM Kisan scheme. It is a government scheme that is monitored by the government of our country for the welfare of the farmers. It is a state government-funded scheme that aims at improving the quality of life for all cultivators in our country. Through this scheme, the farmers will receive a small amount of money which is used for farming purposes.

This amount is given in so many installments. At present, the basic amount that is supplied to an individual farmer is 6000 rupees. And the number of installments are three. That means the whole year is divided into three parts and in each part they will deposit 2000 rupees. This amount is deposited into the respective bank account once in four months.

The motive of the PM Kisan Yojana scheme

The backbone of our country is farmers. Through this farmer only the economy of our country is building day by day. So we need to make sure that every farmer in our country has access to food, water and shelter. Along with all this there is a major need that is capital or investment for the cultivation of crops.

To fulfill this need is the basic motive of this PM Kisan yojana scheme. The government has been trying its best to make agriculture more efficient and productive more in all the regions by implementing various schemes. Not only this, the government has started implementing new agricultural projects which are aimed at working along with farmers colabarately with the many markets.

These projects include the development of a national irrigation system for rural areas as well as the urban areas also. The government itself pays certain taxes which are published on the crops that are produced by the farmers.

 Eligibility criteria of the PM Kisan scheme

Since all the farmers didn’t need this assistance. Because some farmers can afford their investment and have vast acres of land. For such kind of farmers this scheme is not applicable. The poor farmers who are struggling so much to meet their financial expenditure in harvesting for them only it is applicable. Not only that they need satisfy the below conditions. The conditions are,

 *The farmer should come under the section of small or marginal farmers.

 *They must own a piece of the cultivable land.

 *He or she must be a citizen of our country

 The above three conditions must be verified and then these farmers are separated into two lists they are urban farmers and the rural farmers. Both lists have sperate benefits and allowances.

 How to enroll in the PM Kisan scheme

 The persons who obeyed all the rules that are mentioned above can apply for this scheme by using the following steps.

 1. Visit the official website of the PM Kisan scheme.

 2. click on the new registration button.

 3. Choose the option whether you belong to rural or urban.

 4. Enter the details of the land that your owning.

 5. Fill all the relevant details of your identity.

 6. Hit the submit button.

 7. A successful registration pop-up window will appear on the screen along with the acknowledgment ID.

 8. Take a printout of the acknowledgment ID for the future purposes

 Like this you can simply complete the registration process for the PM Kisan scheme.

Offline registration process:

   The above-discussed process is completely online and the person who has certain knowledge of the internet he can only complete it without any faults. For the people who don’t know anything about the internet, for them also there are different ways of the registration process.

The first one is approaching the state government appointed PMKSNY nodal officers, The second is getting into the notice of the local patwaris and revenue officers and finally visiting the Common service center of their region (CSCs). By approaching them they can complete the registration process in offline mode by taking all the xerox copies of the land documents along with the residence proof from each and every farmer.

 Documents that are required for PM Kisan scheme

 The application form that is submitted by a member or representative must be approved by the respective officer of the revenue department. Each and every individual who is applying for the PM Kisan scheme should submit the following documents for the approval of the government. The documents are,

 *Adhaar card of that farmer who applied for the scheme.

 * Proof of the native place.

 *Bank account details of the farmer.

 *The xerox copies of the cultivable land that proves his ownership.

 In offline mode, all the above copies must be given to the regional officer. Whereas in the online mode these documents should be scanned and submitted through online only in the official portal.

How to check the status of the PM Kisan scheme

 As per the guidelines of our government after a farmer has submitted their application for the scheme. These applications will be verified by a team of members who are appointed by the government itself to ensure that the documents are correct or not, If any discrepancy is found then they will definitely bring into to the notice of the higher officials.

After passing all the stages of verification they will release the beneficiary list. The following steps should be taken by the farmer to check whether their name is present in the list or not. The steps are,

 1. Firstly visit the official PMKSNY portal.

 2. The home page of the official website will appear on the screen.

 3. Navigate to the farmer’s section which is present at the top right corner.

 4. Click on the beneficiary search button.

 5. Select the state, district, sub-district and village name

 6. Tap on the next button.

 7. Then enter your registered mobile number or Aadhaar number that is provided while applying

 for this scheme.

 8. Hit the submit button.

If your name is present in the beneficiary list then your application is approved and at the same time, you will receive the prescribed amount that is mentioned in the scheme. For the people whose name is not present on the list their application is not selected and the reason for the disqualification of their application is mentioned clearly in the check box of their dashboard.

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